about - schreifelsphoto

Hi there. Thank you for taking time to look at my photos. 

Photography is one of my creative passions. It allows me to capture moments in time that spark my interest, appeal to my slightly demented sense of humor or simply captivate me with their shapes, colors and textures. 

I've always been drawn to photographing mechanical objects - finding the beauty in the still image of an object that is meant to move, to do something. The characteristics of the object appeal to me - the material it's made of, the gears, the oil, the dust, its purpose. Probably an influence from my dad who worked with mechanical tools and equipment his entire life. 

Travel is another passion of mine. In October of 2013 I went to Oaxaca Mexico for Dia de Muertos with a group of photographers. A dream come true. The colors were vivid, the  markets were frantic, the people were exquisite and the mezcal was strong. Their traditions and celebrations inspired me at every turn. 

Thanks again for looking at my photos. I hope you enjoyed seeing them and that one or two made you smile, made you think, made you pause.  All the best, Heidi 


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